Our History
INDUSTRIA DACAR, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of batteries since 1975, more than 44 years ago we have not stopped providing benefits to our clients, offering them first quality products and services, in accordance with the requirements and applications that the development of our country needs . We have the widest range of energy accumulators for starting, traction and stationary applications.

International Markets

Given our equatorial geographic position, we are able to supply many of the international markets. We have very efficient delivery times and very competitive shipping costs internationally.

Dacar has been a leader in Battery Export since 1998, and has been supplying high quality products to many countries and regions such as the United States, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia, complying with global manufacturing standards such as ISO 9001-2008 and maintaining product specifications such as BCI and DIN.

Quality politics
Industria DACAR, designs, develops, manufactures and markets electrical energy accumulators, satisfying the requirements of our clients; committed to complying with our quality management system and continuous improvement of our processes. Applying national laws and local environmental regulations, ensuring the benefit of our employees and the company.